Managed web server confusion

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  • Song Name: Managed Confusion
  • Artist: Jellifish
  • Album: UK Prank Calls
  • Year: 2006

This time, my managed web server is down. At least, it would be, if it actually existed. The trouble is, I think I have spoken to someone called, chav, or chaz or is it chip? My domain doesn't exist, but that doesn't stop me insisting it is down and losing me money: (or is it or wardztumdz etc.) The support people are even more confused when the IP address I give is one of theirs but not one on their database, and I still insist that my domain is spelt with a 'd' for elephant and an 'n' for mother.

All credit to this support team (a well known managed web server company) who kept level heads, tried to help as much as they could, and ultimately decided I was a security risk. That said, it's a fairly good example of why telephone support can be a waste of everyones time and a single e-mail with the domain spelt correctly and from a known customer e-mail address could have saved a great deal of time and effort.